About Ittria

About our New World for Agents

Ittria is the evolution of Hallmark’s agent offering into a one-stop utility, broadband, referencing and insurance solution. It is the UK’s first full-service Agent Platform.

Launching in June 2017 to existing Partners and in July to new Partners it allows agents to deliver the widest variety of services to tenants from the broadest reach of suppliers thereby delivering the greatest level of commission revenue to the agent. All whilst providing a number of essential services to agents for free thereby reducing their running costs.

Our Preferred Suppliers


Here are a few of the reasons we chose to go with Octopus Energy as our preferred utility provider:

  • £141.62 less expensive than Spark Energy and over £100 less than any of the Big 6 (www.sparkenergy.co.uk 27th June 2017, Fixed tariff comparison)
  • Over £2 billion invested in renewable energy across the UK so not only do they save by not having to buy their power from a middleman like a bank, they pass on those savings to your customers. It also means that they can offer one of the least expensive green tariffs in the UK.
  • Owned by one of the UK’s largest investment funds, Octopus Venture.
  • UK based call centres.
  • 9.7/10 customer service score on TrustPilot – no other firm comes close.
  • 100% green electricity on all tariffs


We’re delighted to be working with Virgin Media to provide broadband, TV and phone services to tenants across the UK. Here’s why we like them:

  • Faster speeds available than BT and TalkTalk
  • More reliable download speeds
  • Customer service is far better
  • Prices are around the same but usefully they don’t increase them after you’ve signed up
  • They offer short term contracts from 9 months which can be ideal for tenants

We offer the ability to sign-up to Virgin Media before a tenant moves into their new home so that they’re “live when they arrive”. Just another service we offer to remove the hassle of moving.


Every one of our products adds to your bottom line.


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