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Q: Who are Octopus Energy?
It is one of the fastest-growing energy suppliers in the market, backed by one of the UK’s largest investment firms. It’s the only Which? Recommended energy supplier in the UK.

It has invested over £2 billion in solar energy across the UK which allows it to deliver tariffs that are not only fixed but at lower prices than most of the suppliers in the UK.

Equally as important they have a customer service rating on TrustPilot of 9.7/10 vs. British Gas with a score of 4.7/10.

Q: Does Octopus Energy install Smart Meters?
Yes, they are starting to as of this Autumn.

Q: When will your new referencing service be up and running?
Our first agents will be using the new referencing service and our new agent platform in Q1 2018. Should you be interested in being one of the first, please get in touch.

Q: Are there any other plans to add other services to your offering?
We have a number of revenue generating products and cost saving services being rolled out over the coming months and will be contacting all of our Partners to let them know as they’re due to launch.