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Q: With the change of energy supplier will I have to go through compliance again?
No not at all, compliance was complete when you joined us as a Partner so there’s nothing you need to do.

Q: Do you have information that I can share with my staff or the other branches?
You may have already received e-mail notifications from our sales team, a postcard by mail and a link to our new website ittria.co.uk. If you have not received any information regarding the supplier transition or the new Ittria brand, we apologise and ask that you please call our office at 01652 601400 and we’ll arrange to provide you and your staff with everything necessary.

Q: Will we receive higher commission rate due to the change in energy supplier?
Changing supplier to Octopus Energy means that upon change of tenancy your existing customers have a new choice and we believe that more of your new customers will opt for Octopus Energy as their new supply of energy.  Your commission is paid on new supply so it’s a win win!

Q: Why are you changing suppliers?
For utilities, the feedback we’ve been receiving is that British Gas is both expensive and has poor customer service which is why we chose Octopus Energy as they have a TrustPilot rating of 9.7/10 and one of the least expensive challenger brands backed by one of the largest UK investment funds.

For telecoms, our previous supplier, TenTel, went into administration as we were reviewing our options. Having reviewed the market we chose to go with a “low-fat” option, POP Telecom due to their low prices, long history in the market and market leading customer service reviews. We’re also introducing a “full-fat” cable option in the coming months to cater for those tenants that prefer a combined TV, phone, broadband option.

Q: Who are Octopus Energy?
It is one of the fastest-growing energy suppliers in the market, backed by one of the UK’s largest investment firms.

It has invested over £2 billion in solar energy across the UK which allows it to deliver tariffs that are not only fixed but at lower prices than most of the suppliers in the UK.

Equally as important they have a customer service rating on TrustPilot of 9.7/10 vs. British Gas with a score of 4.7/10.

Q: Does Octopus Energy install Smart Meters?
Yes, they are starting to as of this Autumn.

Q: Does POP Telecom have a cooling off period for sign ups??
Consumer rights allow a 14-day cooling off period, from the date of order to cancel, with no fees involved.

Q: If we have questions about POP Telecom’s services who do we call? ?
All customer queries should be directed to POP Telecom’s customer service team on 0343 538 6611 .

Q: What if I didn’t sign up with POP Telecom when it was first offered?
Contact Ittria and we’ll send you another link to get you signed up.

Q: Why are you changing your name from Hallmark to Ittria?
As we’re launching a new Agent Platform, new products and new services it seemed an appropriate time to rename the company as well.

Q: Will you still send all notifications for our tenants’ Gas, Electric, Water & Council Tax after the change?
Our free notifications service will continue to operate in exactly the same way as it does now.

Q: Will we still have the same Business Development Manager looking after our business?
If they haven’t already made contact then your Account Manager will be calling to ensure you understand the benefits of the new products and services and to answer any questions you may have. If you are uncertain of who your representative is or need us to contact them for you, feel free to call us 01652 601400.

Q: Are there any other plans to add other services to your offering?
We have a number of revenue generating products and cost saving services being rolled out over the coming months and will be contacting all of our Partners to let them know as they’re due to launch.

Q: What do we do with the point of sale material that we were provided that is branded TenTel or Hallmark?
We will be providing new materials for handing out to tenants in the coming weeks so please stop using the current materials and feel free to recycle them.