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We are pleased that you’ve found us. We’ve been here serving letting agents and their tenants across the UK for over 18 years!

How we service tenants

Broadband: How it works

We work with your agent to make your moving experience as hassle free as possible while ensuring you're with the ideal supplier for broadband and utilities.

  1. Find your home.
  2. Complete your referencing online (if your agent uses our referencing service).
  3. We'll let you know who your current utility company, local council and water company are as well their details and meter reads on the day you move in.
  4. Choose your utilities tariff from the current supplier or use our switching site, Switch-It, to choose from a range of energy and broadband providers.


Utilities: How it works

Ittria provides services to letting agents that include the sign up of utilities for properties during void periods and in preparation for tenants moving in.

We take care of meter reads and notify local councils of outgoing and incoming tenants all the while providing email and text notifications with the details to you, the tenant.

We offer tenants a choice of utilities suppliers both through your agent and our preferred supplier program and through Switch-It, our new switching engine.


Referencing: How it works

Ittria also provides a really simple and secure process for tenants to submit their referencing details, so you get approved quickly and get on with planning your move.


Moving in? Itrrira can help remove the stress.

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Introducing Switch-It...

Find it. Switch-It. Save it.

Don't settle for a better energy deal, you will find the best deals available using our new switching service! Switch-It intelligently searches tariffs from a wider range of suppliers than traditional comparison sites.

By using Switch-It, changing utilities providers is really easy and we'll even notify you know about the best offers available when your contract is ending.

Have a question?

We’ve partnered with hundreds of agents across the UK and are experts at utilities switching so if you have questions, please feel free to contact Ittria directly.