Ittria Choose Octopus Energy

After many years working with the Big 6, Ittria decided to look at the challenger utility brands emerging in the UK and after an exhaustive search we said we wanted to work with Octopus Energy. Thankfully they wanted to work with us as well.

Not only are they a fast-growing company with some of the least expensive tariffs in the market and a TrustPilot service score of 9.6/10 but they have also invested over £2 billion in solar energy which means customer’s energy is not only green but it allows them to provide it at a great price as other suppliers have to pay a middleman such as a bank in order to buy their gas and electricity.

And what of their tariffs? Their fixed tariff is over £140 less a year than Spark Energy’s best fixed tariff and over £100 less than British Gas’. Ouch!