It all starts with our New World Platform

At the click of a mouse or a swipe on your tablet you can see what properties are signed up for which products and services, any tasks that your team need to do and, of course, how much commission has been earned. All live, 24/7 whenever you want, wherever you want.


This is the core of our offering and is completely unique in the UK and is frankly pretty awesome. Never before have you been able to enter property and tenant data once and benefit from commissions from a variety of revenue sources. To make it even easier we integrate with all of the major property management software products.

The best part is that you know exactly what’s happening across your entire portfolio anytime, anywhere and of course how much that means for your bottom line.


This is our original service and still the best.

How does it work?

On your behalf we arrange for the supply of a property to be switched to one of our preferred suppliers, during the void period. This ensures that opening and closing meter reads are sent to the right supplier at the right time which means no estimated bills or disputed meter reads that cause no end of trouble for agents, landlords and tenants. Not only that but it means your tenant is on one of the best value tariffs in the UK with on average over £100 in savings vs. the Big 6 or Spark Energy and Octopus is the only Which? Recommended supplier in the UK.

In addition to switching the energy supply on your behalf we also send an email and text to your tenant before they move in letting them know that we’ll notify the local council, water utility and incumbent utility supplier that they’re moving in and providing them with details of each including meter reads – all for free.


We’re delighted to be working with Virgin Media to provide broadband, TV and phone services to tenants across the UK. Here’s why we like them:

  • Faster speeds available than BT and TalkTalk
  • More reliable download speeds
  • Customer service is far better
  • Prices are around the same but usefully they don’t increase them after you’ve signed up
  • They offer short term contracts from 9 months which can be ideal for tenants

We offer the ability to sign-up to Virgin Media before a tenant moves into their new home so that they’re “live when they arrive”. Just another service we offer to remove the hassle of moving.


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