It all starts with our new Agent Platform

You’ll be able to know at the click of a mouse or a swipe on your tablet which properties are signed up for which products and services, any tasks that your team need to do and, of course, how much commission has been earned. All live, 24/7 whenever you want, wherever you want.


This is the core of our offering and is completely unique in the UK and is frankly pretty awesome. Never before have you been able to enter property and tenant data once and benefit from commissions from a variety of revenue sources. To make it even easier we integrate with all of the major property management software products.

The best part is that you know exactly what’s happening across your entire portfolio anytime, anywhere and of course how much that means for your bottom line.


This is the original, and still best, part of our offering. Over the last year, we’ve added our Void product to the original Opt-In product. What’s the difference?

Option 1: Opt-In

We send an email and text to your tenant before they move in letting them know that we’ll notify the local council, water utility and incumbent utility supplier that they’re moving in.

We also offer them the chance to sort out their utilities and broadband before they move in so that their accounts are live when they arrive or as soon as possible thereafter. You can choose to offer your tenants our preferred suppliers or if you prefer, we can offer them a broad range of suppliers. It’s your choice.

Over the past year, over 30% of tenants have gone on to sign up for utilities or broadband services.

Option 2: Void

Last year, we started offering the option to take over the utility supply during the void period between tenancies as that way the process for tenants is even easier as they don’t need to do anything.

It also means that over 80% of properties convert to our preferred supplier rather than expensive default tariffs from other suppliers.


Here are a few of the reasons we chose to work with Pop Telecom as one of our preferred broadband providers:

  • Best TrustPilot score out of any of the main providers, even better than John Lewis
  • Consistently the least expensive provider in the market
  • 28 years of providing internet access to the UK market
  • Leading provider on all of the switching engines

Pop Telecom provide what we call a low-fat option, without all of the expensive bells and whistles that you get with some of the main providers. But we’re conscious that some tenants may want a full-fat option so we’re launching a cable option as well over the summer.

More on that later!


What if you could have your tenant fill in all of their details, including details for the property, when they hand in their reference and have that data automatically used for utilities and broadband management as well as our free notification services? It would mean your team doesn’t have to. Not only that but what if you could choose to take a commission from each reference or offer it for free at no cost to your tenant, you or your landlord?

That’s what we thought, so that’s why we had the leading referencing software company in the UK build our new Agent Platform so it includes the most advanced referencing service on offer in the UK. It’s launching in Q1 2018 so if you’re interested please get in touch and we’ll arrange a trial.


This one is more of a “mandatory option”. You don’t have to have them installed now but some day soon you will as the government’s regulator has made it mandatory. More importantly you really want to for the following reasons:

  • your tenants will be able to see how much energy they’re using and hopefully reduce it as a result
  • they won’t have to provide meter readings ever again
  • you won’t have to provide meter readings ever again!!

Starts Q1 2018


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